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Johnson Musical Instruments has become a leading musical instrument manufacturer over the last 10 years by offering great lines of guitars and pro sound with unmatched value. We began crafting guitars and fretted instruments over 10-years ago and have built up a vast collection of acoustics, electrics, resonators, folk, amps, pro sound, and more. Our dedication to preserving the best interests of our customers at affordable prices has kept us a forerunner in the industry.

The premiere Johnson guitar to flagship the company was the JM-998 Style-O Metal Body Resonator. This pre-war style metal body guitar is made with high grade European bell brass and is still one of our best resonators. The superb quality and attractive cost of the Resonator lead to the quick rise in popularity of the Johnson name.

Today, Johnson has expanded to offer a wide selection of resonators, acoustic and electric guitars, folk instruments including banjos and mandolins, a full range of amplifiers, as well as, pro audio sound equipment. All of these products are available in the United States and throughout the world.

To learn more about Johnson Musical Instruments, we invite you to take some quality time and search the website for the instruments that interest you most. You will You will find many helpful tips and musical advice along the way. Enjoy the website and Come Ready to Play!

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